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Branded & Personalized Promotional Photos

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Green Screen Photography Technology

Online Photo Retrieval through Bar Code Scanning / Micro-Sites

Onsite Printing, Instant Photography, Print & Preview

Onsite Printing, Instant Photography, Print & Preview

We use the best equipment in the business to bring top quality photos to our clients. Our cameras are directly linked to our laptops so when a picture is snapped, in 2-3 seconds that image appears on the laptop screen. Moments later the photo is sent to the printer. 8 seconds for a 4X6 photo to print.


Need more photos printed per hour? We could add more printers to one laptop to handle heavy crowds or set up additional stations. Photography in Motion has produced 10,000 photos in an 6 hour event. Now that's Instant Photography!

We could set up an LCD Screen so your guest may View the photo taken in real time, Instantly.  We are also capable of shooting wirelessly!

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