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Green Screen Photography Technology

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Green Screen Photography Technology

What is Green Screen Photography?

Green Screen is when you shoot your subject in front of a green backdrop and then the computer takes out only the green in the photo. From there you can add any kind of background and or text that would go behind the photo you just took. The computer automatically merges the two photos into one super-imposed masterpiece. With our computer software the process is under a minute. We can create anything from a poster to a magazine cover or Surfing to Nascar backgrounds.


Photography in Motion offers Green Screen photos at professional large and small events for corporate or private events. Photography in Motion delivers instant prints on location. Yes, we print on location using some of the industry's best equipment to give our clients top quality photos. Our printers print 4x6 photos in 8 seconds. We offer Branded photos and customize design backgrounds and templates for our clients. Green Screen Photography is a Great Option!

Green Screen Photography at events is a great source of interactive entertainment but also a great Online Marketing tool. How? Go to an event and set up a green screen station. Incorporate your brand or logo in the photo or background. Now as you take photos you scan a branded photo retrieval card directing the guest where to go and how to download there photo for free. Here is where the online marketing comes in.

Direct all guest to your landing page first before downloading their photo. This will drive website traffic to your site or socially network site (Facebook). You could host the photos on your website or hire a company to host the photos, itís up to. Photography in Motion could actually shoot the Green Screen Photography and provide the website hosting. We have a team of website developers that could build a Micro site for you (site that looks like your site) or link your site to their site. Options are endless.

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