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Mobile Marketing Through Digital Photography

Branded & Personalized Promotional Photos

Generate Market Data, Email Retreival & Drive Website Traffic

Green Screen Photography Technology

Online Photo Retrieval through Bar Code Scanning / Micro-Sites

Onsite Printing, Instant Photography, Print & Preview

Generate Market Data, Email Retrieval, Drive Website Traffic

We can generate data and E-mail retrieval by photography. This could be done in a few different ways.

  • 1st - We could set up a booth or send 1 - 10 photographers to an event. The photographers take a photo, Scan a card and then hand the Card with the guest's photo number on the card with instructions on where and how to download their photo.

    The guest then goes home and accesses their photo through a website. But first they must fill in their e-mail or any other data information you would like to retrieve. The site is customizable. Ask about our Micro-Sites to drive them to your site.
  • 2nd - Record the guest information onsite or online and, or direct them to the website to download their photos, print their photos onsite socially share their photo (Facebook) or send photo to their cell phone.

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