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Mobile Marketing Through Digital Photography

Branded & Personalized Promotional Photos

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Branded and Personalized Promotional Photos

Whether you have a theme event or just want to expose your brand name; photos is a great long keeping source for brand awareness. Green Screen Photography is a great branding tool. We could customize a background to fit your theme or brand or have your team create the art work. Picture Marketing is a great tool to expose your brand.


Lucky Charms: Create a cereal box background and put your guest on the box cover

NFL: Create background of a football field and the guest is running with the ball as players diving to tackle them

Movie Screens: Put your Guest in middle of the action with added props for more realistic photos

Create a Magazine cover exposing your brand name; or just clean old fashion photography and then put company logo on the photo. Branding solutions are endless using photography.

Picture Marketing

Picture Marketing means using digital Photography as a way to advertise or to create a buzz:


  • The Picture Marketing Activation is the branded photo overlay with your Logo, brand, text or graphics thatís printed over the photo of your guest.
  • Picture Marketing Activation is to create a fun interactive background thatís branded and put the guest in the fun of the photo.
  • Picture Marketing Activation is Green Screen Photography which is superimposing someone in a fun branded fantasy or realistic photo.
  • Picture Marketing Activation could be linked to all activations is the Online Photo Retrieval Activation. This activation allows the guest to go home and access their photo online on a Customize branded website and download or socially share their photo.

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